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Dear ##firstname##,

Forget everything you think you know about options.

Forget every horror story you've ever heard about how risky options are... how somebody's second cousin lost his shirt, his shoes, and his toy poodle trading them.

Forget all the Greeks, the deltas, the gammas, and all the complicated terms that make options trading sound like a foreign language.

Because the dirty little secret that Wall Street doesn't want you to know is that you don't have to take big risks to make big money with options... and investing with them doesn't have to be complicated.

Jeff Fischer and Jim Gillies

Hi, my name is Jeff Fischer. And if you'll give me just a few minutes, I will show you how easy it is to regularly rack up gains like $1,030... $2,626... and $3,228... with options strategies so safe they'll allow even the most conservative investor to sleep like a baby at night.

In fact, my friend and Motley Fool Options Co-advisor Jim Gillies and I have used these strategies to make money on 9 out of every 10 option trades we've closed. And we've done it all without taking on big risks. Not only that, but we've done it for over three years in a row and counting with thousands of members — most of them options novices — following along.

Let me say that again. Because it bears repeating. We've started with something most investors consider highly risky, even dangerous — options. And we've turned them into an amazingly consistent income tool that would make even the most buttoned-down investor feel comfortable.

Discover How Any Fool Can Generate Safe, Steady Income With Options

I'm telling you this because in today's frustrating investment environment, it's more important than ever that you understand the incredible power of options to generate safe, steady income for ordinary investors like you.

Best of all, you can generate this income whether the market goes up, down, or sideways! That's because with options you can make money from soaring, falling, or even sideways-moving stocks.

You can do it while risking less capital upfront. And when you do it the Foolish way, it's safe enough for even the most conservative investor.

So why do most people think options are risky? Because most traders view options as a lottery ticket. They buy high-risk, high-reward options for pennies on the dollar hoping for a big hit.

Here at The Motley Fool, we approach things quite differently. We invest in sensible options strategies that reduce our overall risk and safely generate steady, dependable income.

This approach has been hugely successful for us.

And it has allowed Motley Fool Options members to enjoy a steady stream of income while risking less cash upfront than with other types of investments.

See for yourself...


"Made $2,032 this month"
"Wanted you to know how much I appreciate your service. This month I have netted +$2,032 from your recommendations. Grazie Fools!" – R. Dehring, Wayzata, MN


113% annualized return on his first trade!
"After receiving an email about Motley Fool Options service, I finally decided to invest some time in learning options. My first trade expired today with me pocketing $434.88 in two weeks time (113% annualized return). The knowledge I have gained so far in under a month has been awesome." – D. Turner, Cumming, GA


"More profitable than I ever imagined..."
"I had never written or bought an option until after I joined Motley Fool Options last year. It has been more profitable than I ever imagined. My wife and I have earned north of $900 per month. That is definitely more than I ever thought to achieve when I joined 12 months ago! The service paid for itself in 2 weeks for me. Options are definitely a weapon I want in my war chest!" – S. Scanio, Chicago, IL

See what I mean?

And these are just a few of the first-hand accounts I've received from hundreds and hundreds of grateful investors just like you who are now using options to generate steady income.

How I Started Generating All the Income I Needed With Options

Here's the incredible true story of how I set myself free from the stock market...

Jeff Fischer
Jeff Fischer, Co-advisor, Motley Fool Options

I started using options more than 10 years ago. It was the turn of the century, the turn of the millennium, and the stock market was making a fast retreat.

Realizing I needed more ways to make money than from stocks alone, I explored the alternatives, and I was excited to discover how versatile and how easy options could be. I wanted steady income, and options were clearly the answer.

In fact, by 2004, my wife and I were living in the French West Indies and after that Costa Rica. I had a small business, but options were my main source of income. I called it a "trial retirement".

We lived in beautiful tropical places, we were free to experience the world, and we even had the confidence to start a family. We enjoyed five years of irreplaceable experiences.

When our son was ready for school we headed back to the United States, and it was then that The Motley Fool entered the picture again. In 2008, the company asked me to return to launch Motley Fool Options.

At Motley Fool Options, my co-advisor, Jim Gillies, and I have a success rate of over 90% on our closed recommendations. That's right: of all the positions members have closed since 2009, nine out of every 10 have been profitable...

It's hard to top that. Include all the recommendations in the service that we still have open — the positions we're still working on — and our profit rate remains above 75%.

Here's the good news in all this for YOU: Motley Fool Options is right now accepting new members. And there might not ever be a better time to start generating income with options.

You can join Motley Fool Options RISK FREE by clicking the "Start Now" below. I should point out, though, Motley Fool Options is only open to members for a short time. So don't delay!


I've been using options to generate income for more than a decade now. When I first started using options back in 2000, the stock market was making a fast retreat. And I realized that I needed more ways to make money than investing in stocks alone.

So I started looking at the alternatives, and I was excited to discover how versatile and how easy options could be. I wanted steady income, and options were clearly the answer.

I'm very glad that I started using options when I did. Because the S&P 500 has gone virtually nowhere since 2000. But with options, I've been able to generate steady income just about whenever I wanted.

With options, I'm no longer a victim of the market, or at the market's whims. I don't need stocks to go up to make a profit. Instead, I'm in charge, writing myself income checks on a regular basis simply by writing options that expire every month — even in a flat or down market.

In fact, with options, it no longer matters to me if the market goes nowhere. In fact, options soon became my main source of income!

By learning a few simple options plays, you too can generate income month after month. To use a football analogy, you can run the same play over and over again, even on the same company.

Take Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRAA), for example. We set up our first income play on PRAA back in August 2011.

Since then, we've collected three income payments of $1,122... $1,140... and $966. That's $3,228 in extra income.

All using one very basic income-generating option play. It's called "put selling". And it's one of the very first strategies I learned when I first started investing with options. It's still one of my 'go to' favorites for generating income today.

That's because it puts (pardon the pun) all the odds in your favor.

Let me explain. To do that, I need to share with you...

The #1 Reason Most Investors Lose Money With Options

As you may already know, an option is just a simple contract. It gives you the right to buy or sell 100 shares of an underlying stock at a set price (the strike price) by a set date in the future (the expiration date).

And as you've probably heard, there are two kinds of options: a call option and a put option. Call options go up in value when the stock price goes up. Put options go up in value when the stock price goes down.

Now the thing about options is that you can buy them... or you can sell them.

Now buying options can be risky. Because they expire in a number of months...because you have to pay a premium to buy them... and because you have to be right about the share price, the direction, the magnitude and the timing of the move. And all that works against you when you're buying options.

In fact, studies show that 75% of options held to expiration expire worthless. And that leaves the option buyer with nothing.

But in Motley Fool Options, we mostly sell options. Which puts all the odds in OUR favor. And it works perfectly with our goal, which is to make regular income that complements our long-term stock holdings.

Because when you SELL options, you get paid money right upfront. And when the option 'expires worthless' (as they usually do), the buyer gets nothing and YOU, the seller, keep all the income!

And that's why I love selling options so much!

Let me show you how Motley Fool Options investors used this simple options strategy to turn Portfolio Recovery Associates into some very welcome income...

Turn Your Stocks Into Income Gravy Trains

We've recommended selling puts on Portfolio Recovery Associates three times so far. And that's allowed us to collect a steady stream of income payments over the last year.

Here's how it works: Portfolio Recovery Associates is a debt collection company. Its motto is "giving debt collection a good name."

Back in August 2011, we had done our Foolish homework on Portfolio Recovery Associates. We had put the business under a microscope. Dug through the underwear drawers. Made a nuisance of ourselves asking questions.

When we were done, we felt we knew as much about the underlying business as the management team. And we were confident that the company was ripe for a put selling play.

We knew that by selling puts on the company, we would either make a boatload of income... or we'd have the opportunity to buy the shares at a ridiculously low share price in the future.

So on August 9, 2011, with the stock trading at $68.51, we recommended that Motley Fool Options members SELL the December 2011 $65 puts. And as long as the stock did not drop below $65, we would keep all the income.

So how did we do? We closed our position in December right before expiration, locking in $374 of income for every contract we sold.

If you had sold just three put contracts when we recommended them, you would have pocketed $1,122 in income.

But we weren't done yet. There was still plenty more income to be had. So in January 2012 we told Motley Fool Options members to sell the June 2012 puts and collect $380 per contract.

Again, if you had sold three put contracts when we recommended them, you would have pocketed $1,140 in income when the options expired worthless. (That just means that the buyer walked away with nothing, and YOU, the seller, kept all the income!)

Then in June 2012, we told Motley Fool Options members to sell the September puts and collect $322 per contract. If you had sold three contracts, you would have pocketed another $966 in income when the options again expired worthless.

That's a total of $3,228 in extra income... from just one stock... by adding a few simple options plays.


Now I think you can see why I love this strategy so much.

So Why Isn't Everybody Selling Puts?

So you might be wondering: If it's so easy, why don't more people do it?

Well, the simple answer is that they're afraid they'll end up owning the shares. You see, with put selling, if the stock drops dramatically, you end up buying the shares at the strike price you agreed to when you sold the option (but you still keep the income the put options paid you, so your cost basis on the stock is even lower than the strike price!).

And that's the big mistake that most people make with put selling. They do it on stocks that they would never want to own!

But here at Motley Fool Options, we ONLY sell puts on stocks that we would love to own at a lower price. It's like entering a "limit order" to buy stocks you like at a steep discount.

Now, at the risk of bragging a bit, I do want to point out here... with a more than 90% success rate on our closed trades, we don't end up buying many stocks when we sell puts here at The Motley Fool.

But we would have been very happy to buy Portfolio Recovery Associates for $61.78. Why? Because our estimated fair value of those shares was easily over $85. And in fact, the stock trades for around $95 today.

The good news is, with Portfolio Recovery Associates, the shares never dropped below our put strike price.

So we generated $3,228 in total income in a little over a year... on one single strategy... without ever having to buy a single share of stock.

Finally... You Can Stop Being Held Hostage by the Market

Now, put selling is a great way to generate income, and it's a great place for beginners to start.

And it doesn't matter if you have experience with options or not. Because we'll show you step-by-step exactly how to execute put selling and other income strategies in Motley Fool Options advisory service...

Learning to trade options was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. Finally, I was no longer held hostage to the market. I could generate safe, steady income for my family and I could do it month after month with confidence.

And that's our mission here at Motley Fool Options. To help individual investors just like you learn to trade options with ease and confidence. Which is why you get a lot more than just investing recommendations with Motley Fool Options.

You get a comprehensive education in options investing, from soup to nuts. So instead of spending a fortune on books and seminars, you can get up to speed quickly using our essential guides and following our step-by-step instructions.

Knowledge really is power. By adding options to your trading toolbox, you'll be giving yourself more than a great source of extra income... You'll be giving yourself the confidence to generate all the extra income you need under all types of market conditions for the rest of your life. Now that's empowering!


"Will help me generate income in up or down markets for the rest of my investing life..."
"Motley Fool Options is a very useful service, not only because of the quality of the trade recommendations, but because of the invaluable knowledge that the service imparts to its members... I've learned options strategies that will help me generate income in up or down markets for the rest of my investing life." – B. Kramer, Seattle, WA


"Add to my education and wealth building..."
"I've been able to add options to my toolbox. I have seen the potential options can add to your portfolio and know this service will add to my education and wealth building."
D. Heredia, Keller, TX


"The most empowering and liberating experience of my life..."
"This has been the most empowering and liberating experience of my life. I look forward to continuing to learn more and more about making smart choices on how to grow and protect my money. For all you do: Thank you!" – V. Ward, New York City, NY

We provide plenty of "hand holding" for those who want it. We show you exactly how to get started — including how to place every trade. And we'll tell you whenever we need to follow up on a position with another trade down the road. You'll know exactly what your maximum risk and potential rewards are with each trade you make.

Nobody is going to make options clearer, easier, more logical, and more lucrative for you. And as a Motley Fool Options member, you'll have online access to me and my team at any point.

You'll get everything you need. Including the tools to make a handsome string of profits when stocks go up (as you've just seen) and when they go down. And even when they stay flat!

Click here to get started today.

Now I'd like to show you two more income-generating strategies that enable members to take advantage of special situations.

They may seem a bit advanced to you right now if you're an options novice. But members tell us that with the training and guidance they receive, it doesn't take long before they're executing trades like these and really turbo-charging their returns.

And if you've traded options before, you should be able to dive right into these lucrative strategies to generate even more income.

Advanced Strategy #1:
How to More Than DOUBLE Your Stock Returns With Options

By adding options to your existing stock investments, you can make more than double the gains you would have made if you owned just the stock. Even on your best dividend stocks!

Take American Express (NYSE: AXP), for example.

American Express shareholders (including super-investor Warren Buffett) have made a very nice 13.3% since August 2011. That's counting both stock gains and dividend payments. Not bad.

But Motley Fool Options members have done much better. In fact, they've pulled in 28.4% gains as of Friday, Nov. 16. And they're hoping to earn even more on this open position!

And they didn't do anything difficult or risky to get there.

Instead, they used an easy-to-execute options strategy that generates income month after month...

The strategy is called a "covered strangle" because your put and call options essentially "strangle" the current stock price. So long as the stock's price merely wanders anywhere between the two strike prices you choose, and even if the price goes a bit beyond either, you profit!

Writing covered strangles is a powerful yet safe way to squeeze significant additional profits out of slow-moving stocks trading at or near their fair value. Stocks like American Express.

American Express is the poster child for a solid stock trading near fair value. It's a large blue-chip stock, a well-respected brand that generates a lot of cash. But it's also a go-nowhere stock. Its stock price today is about where it was nine years ago.

And that makes it a great candidate for selling strangles for income again and again. Because American Express isn't likely to move out of its narrow trading range anytime soon. And that means that when your strangle expires, you keep all the income!

When we recommended the American Express strangle to Motley Fool Options members in August 2011, the shares were trading for $48.78 each. We suggested members purchase 100 shares for $4,878 if they didn't already own them.

Obviously not every trade we recommend will require this type of investment! Many of our recommendations only require a few hundred dollars and are set up to double your money on small stock moves. This is just one example of a blue-chip stock that you can buy, then write covered strangles on for strong income. And you might already have several of these in your portfolio.

At the same time we told members to buy the stock, we told them to write a strangle. And that strangle generated $282 in income in October 2011 — assuming you entered just one contract on 100 shares. Now, that might not sound like much — although it was a 5.7% yield in just a few months — but the beauty of this strategy is that you can do it over and over and over again to make money on your slow-moving stocks.

Turn Slow-Moving Stocks Into Cash Cows

That's exactly what we did with American Express!

We wrote more covered strangles on our shares. And we made $231 in additional income in January 2012... and $78 in additional income in June 2012... and as I write this we are sitting on an additional gain of $439 from our fourth strangle with approximately two months to go to expiration.

Members have made a total of $1,030 in extra income on American Express as of Friday, Nov. 16. Just from making four options trades! And if you had entered more than one strangle, you would have made much more than that.

And that income is IN ADDITION to the 13% ($640 total) we made on the stock's rise — AND the $96 we collected in dividends.

So we collected a total of $1,766 on a modest 100-share position in American Express in about 15 months (and we're nowhere near done yet).

Now compare that to ordinary shareholders (including Mr. Buffett), who pocketed just $736 ($640 on the 13% stock gain plus $96 in dividends) for every 100 shares they owned, and I think you'll see why we love this income strategy.


So by spending just a few minutes writing a few simple strangles a year on our American Express stock, we more than doubled our income! More than doubled!

Click here to grab your chance to DOUBLE your gains from blue-chip dividend stocks!

Thousands of Foolish Options Investors Show You the Way

If you've been investing with options for a while and you're sitting on a bunch of slow-moving blue chips, this is a great way to turn them into ATM machines and start adding some income to your bottom line!

With Motley Fool Options, we give you an entire smorgasbord of ways to generate income with options. Because one strategy does NOT work for all stocks! And one strategy does not work for all markets. And one strategy does not work for all investors!

That's why there are plenty of income strategies to choose from in Motley Fool Options, from beginner to advanced.

If you want lots of hand-holding, you've got it. If you've been trading options for years and you just want a bunch of solid income-generating ideas and the occasional question answered, we've got that too. You'll get all the help you need.

And don't forget, our team of options experts here at The Motley Fool will be with you every step of the way.

Plus, thousands of investors in Motley Fool Options will also share their wisdom and experience with you. Many of them started out never having invested with options before, and now they are paying it forward by helping new members like you.

We'll make it easy to pick and choose which strategies are best for you. Start with the basics and then work your way up to more advanced strategies as you feel comfortable.

Here's one my friend and Motley Fool Options Co-advisor, Jim Gillies, loves to run...

Advanced Strategy #2:
Get All the Benefits of Owning a Stock Immediately Without Forking Over a Boatload of Cash!

What members are saying about Motley Fool Options:

"Scrupulously honest"
"You are very attentive to the needs and goals of your subscribers, and you are scrupulously honest in how you measure and disclose your results."
– R.M., Highlands Ranch, CO

"Actionable and profitable"
"MFO has not only taught me a lot about options (with more still to learn), but has also provided me with a number of actionable and profitable recommendations."
– Brian J., Westchester, NY

"Building family wealth..."
"I want to say thank you for what you do... I can't begin to tell you what this means for me and my family!"
– R. Stone, Little Rock, AR

"Great results..."
"I'm here and excited! I've followed your option instruction and recommendations... and have been exceedingly pleased with the results! Thanks for your great work!"
– M.M., Stillwater, OK

"Excited and impressed..."
"I'm excited by the quality of this service so far, and impressed with the volume of educational material the Fool team has put together!"
– R. Shepherd, Bellingham, WA

"I never ever would have thought about using options in my years of investing if it wasn't for Jeff and Jim. Thanks guys!"
– S.S., Melrose Park, IL

"I'm thrilled..."
"I'm thrilled The Motley Fool added this service — Jeff and Jim make for a powerful and exciting options team."
– Geoffrey W., Pittsburgh, PA

"This month paid for my options subscription..."
"This month paid for my options subscription but taught me so much more, I feel in control of my finances and am really enjoying all the lessons. Thanks again to all the Motley Fool Options staff and fellow message board fools!"
– A. Karrels, Albuquerque, NM


Imagine being able to profit on a stock's upswing without buying it. It's easy to do with a synthetic long.

I know, it sounds like a pair of polyester pants that need to be hemmed... but it's actually a very versatile and profitable income strategy! And it gives you the benefits of owning a stock, without forking over the cash to buy it today.

Motley Fool Options members have used this strategy to make buckets of income on Monsanto for nearly three years in a row!

When we first recommended the synthetic long on Monsanto in March 2010, the stock was trading around $72.70 a share. So if you wanted to purchase 100 shares of Monsanto, you would have had to fork over a whopping $7,270.

Or, instead of risking a boatload of cash... you could have purchased the synthetic long. And the total cash cost would have been just $205.

Now as experienced traders know, this trade would have had a margin requirement. But even a 30% margin requirement would only mean you would have needed to set aside an additional $2,305 in reserve.

And that's still a whopping $4,965 less than the cost of the shares!

But that's not even the best part. The best part is that once you set up a synthetic long, after the stock moves up to where you think the stock is fairly valued, you can make a series of income overlay trades on it quarter after quarter. And you can continue to roll the trade forward into the future, so you can keep generating income from it...

It's just like selling calls against stocks you own. Only in this case, you didn't have to buy the stock upfront!

That's exactly what we did with Monsanto! We've racked up a steady stream of income over the past three years.

From March 2010 to today, we've made a series of follow-on income overlay trades, and we've extended the position out to 2015.

All told, we've collected $1,586 in income. And our total cash cost was only $205. So that's $1,381 in profits, and we never touched our reserve.

And if we were to shut down the synthetic long today (of course we're not about to do that to a nice cash cow like this, but if we were...), it would put another $1,245 in profits in our pockets for a total return of $2,626.

Now compare that to the guy who forked over $7,270 for the shares. He would have pocketed a total gain of $1,885, including share price appreciation and dividends.

So the shareholder forked over a whopping $7,270 in cash to make $1,885 in profits.

But the option buyer forked over just $205 to generate $2,626.

And that's why synthetic longs are such a great investing tool. You can put up MUCH less cash upfront — in this case only $205! And you can use the buying power of your other portfolio assets to generate a nice bundle of income — in this case a very nice $2,626!

Now, synthetic longs aren't for everybody. But for those who don't mind the margin requirement and want to generate some attractive returns, they can be a great addition to any options portfolio!

And that's the beauty of Motley Fool Options. We offer you dozens of trade opportunities every month. Everything is à la carte. So you can pick and choose the opportunities that are best for you, according to your investment goals. It's like getting a customized options investing service just for you!

Click here to see what Motley Fool Options can do for your portfolio.

I could go on and on about all the strategies at your disposal in Motley Fool Options and all the income you could make. But there simply isn't enough room here to tell you about all of them.

My team and I have used these same strategies to make money on 9 out of every 10 options recommendations we've closed in our Motley Fool Options service while generating tons of income for our subscribers.

And now you can take advantage of them too.

Because we have opened up Motley Fool Options again for a limited time to a select group of investors. And this is your chance to see for yourself how easy it is to generate extra income with options.

That's why I urge you to join the thousands of investors just like you who are already enjoying all the benefits of Motley Fool Options membership.

Motley Fool Options members like these...


"I am simply amazed..."
For the past year or so the Motley Fool Options team hasn't closed a single trade under a loss. Great achievement. My Membership Fee is paid for and all the profits are amazing. And the effort you guys put into Options University and on the boards — even guiding on stocks that aren't related to Motley Fool Options — can't be equated with money. I am simply amazed." – N. Rajan, Simi Valley, CA


"I trust these guys, and it has paid off for me..."
I am a big fan of Motley Fool Options. I feel like I am getting an edge I need, in an area I want deeper knowledge of, and hope for some solid guidance. I trust these guys, and it has paid off for me." – D. Schuch, Green Cove Springs, FL


"Made 3 times the cost of the subscription..."
"My current profits are 3 times the cost of the subscription. Not only have the recommended trades helped pay for the cost but what I've learned has helped me make trades around other stocks I like... Highly exceeded my expectations." – M. DiLallo, Pittsburgh, PA

They loved Motley Fool Options. I think you will, too. And with our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try...

Our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

If you're like many investors, you've heard dozens of so-called trading 'gurus' brag about what they can do for you. Well here at Motley Fool Options, we don't believe in blindly following anyone. And we don't believe in empty swagger.

That's why we stand behind our products with our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works:

First, you can test-drive Motley Fool Options for the next 30 days with no risk whatsoever. Go ahead and kick the tires. Check out our amazing educational resources. Post questions on the boards. Follow along and paper trade our recommendations or trade them for real in your portfolio. All without risking a dime.

Because you can get your money back, up to the last day of your first month. For any reason, or no reason whatsoever. Just ask, and we'll give you a full refund.

Second, even after your 30 days, if you change your mind, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your subscription term.

Which takes away nearly all the risk, making it possible to assure your spot in Motley Fool Options, and makes this sort of a no-brainer, right?

Go ahead and take advantage of the chance to test-drive Motley Fool Options without any risk or obligation today.

7 Reasons to Join Motley Fool Options Today!

  1. We watch the market like a hawk so you don't have to. Savvy investors know that options investing ideas don't arrive on a set schedule like a commuter train. You have a busy life. But our full-time work and passion at The Motley Fool is investing, so everyday our job is to study the market, uncover opportunities, and recommend them to you so you can capitalize.

    As soon as we see a breaking investment opportunity, we email you immediately. Simply click on "Get the details" in the email to read all about the fully vetted option opportunity we've uncovered for you.

    Each month on average you'll receive 4 to 6 real-time options investing recommendations. You'll also receive an additional 2 to 3 alternative recommendations on those same plays. Plus, each week, you'll get up to 6 additional "Trades You Can Make" on existing positions.
  2. You get a steady stream of profitable options ideas to complement your existing investment portfolio. In fact, by adding a few simple options investments to your existing portfolio, you can make more than double the gains you would have made just owning the stock! We've also designed Motley Fool Options to trade on stocks from The Motley Fool newsletter universe. So you can profit from your stocks recommended in services like Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, and Hidden Gems... and increase your returns on them with options.
  3. You can make your own informed decision... because we give you detailed investment recommendations outlining the risks, rewards, and intelligence behind the trade. Plus you get complete instructions on how to place it... so you're never left wondering what to do!
  4. You'll NEVER run out of additional investing ideas with Options Weekly. Delivered to your inbox every Friday at 2 p.m. ET, Options Weekly is loaded with insightful commentary, investing know-how, and a list of updated "Trades You Can Make." These are additional ways for new members to participate in open positions we've already recommended. So if you missed the recommendation the first time around, you can still jump on board later! I don't know any other options service that offers this.
  5. You can choose from a wide range of profitable options strategies for everyone from beginners to options-trading top guns! You can earn income over and over again with simple trades like writing puts or covered calls. Or you can target big gains from more complex multi-legged strategies like straddles, strangles, and synthetic longs. Just choose the best strategy for you!
  6. Take advantage of 24/7 help, handholding, and high-fives from our huge community of options investors on our members-only Motley Fool Options discussion boards. Confused? Got a question? Want to kick around some options investing ideas? Some of the smartest options investors on the planet are just a simple board post away!
  7. Get a world-class options education in easy-to-swallow pieces. If you're new to options, start with our basic course, Options for Beginners. Then try our follow-on guides: Options Nuts and Bolts, Buying Calls, Buying Puts, Writing Covered Calls, and Writing Puts. If you're still feeling sparky, dive into the rest of our guides, including Writing Covered Strangles and Writing Diagonal Calls, and learn to mix and match the basics to create more advanced strategies if you ever want to go off on your own.

Start your risk-free test drive today!

Now those are some pretty compelling reasons to join. But they're just the beginning...

The "Lagniappe" That Triples Your Options Recommendations

As a Motley Fool Options member, you also get a little "lagniappe." And I think it's one of the best parts about being a member.

"Lagniappe" is a Cajun word that means "a little something extra." It's the free gift merchants give their best customers as a thank you for doing business with them. Like the 13th donut you get when you buy a dozen.

Here at Motley Fool Options, we give you lots of lagniappe with every recommendation. That's because each recommendation gives you multiple ways to play options on a stock. So you can choose your level of risk, capital required, and sophistication.

For example, if you're a beginner, simply pick a more basic options strategy. If you're advanced, trade the more complex recommendation. We'll also give you suggestions to lower your risk. Or to lower your upfront investment. It's like getting three to five recommendations in one!

With other options trading services, you get one recommendation and one way to play it. But not at Motley Fool Options. Because at Motley Fool Options, we don't believe in 'cookie cutter' options trading. We understand that each investor is unique. With unique needs, risk tolerance, and investment levels. That's why we offer you lots of alternatives.

C. Orsini wrote us to say it was her most valued feature:


"... Besides the learning (great!!) and the opportunities that options open to us (how was I able to live without them?), what I value most about Motley Fool Options is the 'alternative trade feature'. Because the core recommendations do not always fit my needs, but I do quite well with the alternatives."

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to join Motley Fool Options today. Not the least of which is to make money. And that brings me to this final often-overlooked benefit...

Your Very Own Options Investing Posse... Riding Shotgun

Motley Fool Options is more than just a series of options investment recommendations. It's an entire community of Foolish options investors. Investors who are passionate about what they do and willing to 'pay it forward' by lending a helping hand to new members.

It's a community unlike any other. You can ask any question online... from the most complex to the most basic... and someone will jump on and answer. Might be me... might be my co-advisor, Jim Gillies... might be one of our experienced and talented team members... or might be a fellow member who has faced the exact issue and has a world of advice to share with you.

If you've never used options before, I can't think of a better place to start than the Motley Fool Options community. We've got your back. It's like having your very own options investing posse riding shotgun with you. And you don't have to pay them a single penny in fees or commissions every time you ask a question.

In fact, J. Cross of St. Louis, Missouri, says it's the reason for his success!


"The only reason I have been successful is through the lessons from Jeff and Jim and Joe, and also from members of the forum. My portfolio is growing and the thanks go to many members of this group."

By now, you're probably wondering what all this shotgun support, expert education, and robust recommendations are going to cost you. Well, I've got good news: It's a whole lot less than you might expect...

SAVE 40% Today With This Special Invitation

Motley Fool Options regularly retails for $999 for a full year. And I think you'll agree that's a very reasonable price to pay for the kind of world-class options investing education and extensive real-time recommendations you get every week.

In fact, if you've looked around at options trading services before, you know they run $2,000, $2,500, even $5,000 per year and more. And almost none offer the kind of member benefits you get at Motley Fool Options.

But if you accept this special invitation, you don't have to pay anywhere near $999. That's because until midnight, December 11, 2012, you can join Motley Fool Options with this special invitation and SAVE $400!

You pay just $599 for the full year! That's a 40% SAVINGS off the regular price!

Why are we making you this special offer?

Because we know how powerful options are. We know how versatile and flexible they are. We know how much income they can generate. And we know that by making just a few simple options investments a year, you can make more than double the gains made by "just" stockholders.

But we also know that mastering new investment strategies can be intimidating. Whether you're making your very first options trade... or whether you've been trading calls and puts for years but want to try your hand at more sophisticated options strategies.

So we've dropped the price in order to give you a friendly little 'nudge' in the right direction. Because we know that once you see these income-generating strategies in action, you'll be hooked for life.

Just listen to these Motley Fool Options members who finally took the leap...


Made Back the Subscription Fee More Than Five Times Over!
"With regard to the price of the subscription... made that back more than five times over in realized profits, not counting unrealized positions currently awaiting expiration, and counting the profits from rolling the MSFT trades." – Jonathan B., Silver Spring, MD

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Don't Risk Getting Shut Out

So if you already know that Motley Fool Options is for you, you'll want to go ahead and reserve your spot today. Because I'd hate for you to get shut out and risk missing out on all of the great income plays we'll deliver over the coming months.

I really want you to find out for yourself just why options are one of the safest ways to generate steady income, particularly in this low interest-paying environment.

Next year, you too could be looking at 76% gains like Motley Fool Options member, Geoffrey P. of Sevierville, TN!


"My education level concerning options has definitely increased 500-fold in the past year. I closed year one with a 76% gain on my portfolio using many of the suggestions from Motley Fool Options. On top of that, I used the skills and the education to acquire option contracts on the various stocks that I have been following for a while that significantly increased the gains in my portfolio. 'Thank You' for a superbly successful year."

We've helped countless individual investors like Geoffrey P. build up a Foolish pile of dough. And now, we want to show you how you can do it too when you become a member of Motley Fool Options today.

And remember, you're still protected by our 100% money-back, no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee. Second, even after your first 30 days, if you change your mind, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your subscription term.

Thousands of investors like you have already joined Motley Fool Options. And they're already benefiting from our amazingly consistent 90%+ win rate with options. Isn't it time you joined them?

You really do have nothing to lose, except the extra income that options can bring to your stock portfolio. So why not go ahead and pull the trigger today?

Give it a Try Risk-Free!

Kindest Regards,

Jeff Fischer

Jeff Fischer
Advisor, Motley Fool Options

P.S. You may be wondering why on earth our notoriously conservative Motley Fool Co-founder Tom Gardner decided to launch an options advisory service. The answer is simple. He wanted to prove that it's not only possible to trade options easily and sensibly... but that you can actually use them to help generate a steady stream of income like $1,030, $2,626, and even $3,228... in all types of market climates... all while reducing your downside risk.

Long-time dyed-in-the-wool Fools are thrilled with the results. Like S.S. from Melrose Park, Illinois, who wrote to say: "I closed my NVDA covered call option at a 84% gain in 3 weeks!!! I would never ever thought about using options in my years of investing if it wasn't for Jeff and Jim. Thanks guys."

But don't just take their word for it. See for yourself what options can do for your portfolio! Take Motley Fool Options for a 30-day Risk-Free Test Drive now and find out why Barron's calls it "some smart advice"!

All figures as of November 27, 2012. Jeff Fischer owns shares of American Express Company. Jim Gillies owns shares of NVIDIA, Portfolio Recovery Associates, and has the following options: short DEC 2012 $15 calls on NVIDIA, short JAN 2013 $29 calls on Microsoft, and short JAN 2014 $25 puts on Microsoft. The Motley Fool owns shares of Microsoft. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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