Marcella is often called the ‘most mentored’ copywriter in the business because she’s been mentored for years by direct response copywriting legends such as Parris Lampropoulos, David Deutsch, Mark Ford, Mike Ward, and more.

Today she ‘pays it forward’ by mentoring many aspiring and working copywriters.  She believes in generosity and in sharing what she has learned freely.

Most often, Marcella can be found mentoring women in the organization she founded, The Not-So-Secret Order of the Titanides. She is on a mission to inspire and motivate other women to succeed.

Here are what a few of the women in her group say about Marcella…


You have been THE greatest blessing throughout my introduction to this crazy world.

Your talent for giving and jumping in to make magic happen seems to be so instinctual and effortless for you. So I hope you know that it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE to the people you help… meeting and getting to know you has been life-changing.

Wherever the future takes me, I just hope there’s plenty of Marcella in it.

I am endlessly grateful that our paths crossed.

Much love,

— Allison Comotto, Junior Copywriter, Stansberry Research


In 1996 I was living in St. Pete, FL. I had just moved from Cincinnati and was struggling to cover even the most basic of expenses. To say I was poor was an understatement.

As I stood at the Publix checkout, I watched in panic and disbelief as every single credit card in my wallet was declined — one right after the next. My empty bank account wasn’t going to help either.

I slinked out of the store–leaving a week’s worth of food on the checkout belt. Everyone was staring at me. I wished I were invisible.

After that, I vowed to never to feel that embarrassment and despair again. So I spent the next 22 years working my way up through the ranks. From part-time sales associate to sales manager to marketing consultant to copy editor.

I gave myself no other option than to bust my ass and squeeze my foot in every door that was opened.

In 2010 I met Marcella Allison while working as a copy editor at Schaeffer’s Investment Research. I immediately was impressed with her direct, no-bullshit attitude and I was disarmed by her wildly infectious laughter.

I can distinctly hear her telling me, “You’re sharp, creative, and you’ve got a great gut instinct.” She saw the future copywriter in me… before I ever did.

But it wasn’t until last night–when I was sitting on the waterfront enjoying a grouper dinner after hearing Marcella speak at Copy Chief Live–that it fully hit me.

I had come full circle. I was enjoying a expensive meal in the same town in which I once couldn’t even afford groceries.

I had finally “made” it.

No, I don’t mean I became a multi-millionaire A-lister. Rather, I “made it” because I knew I’d never have to feel that way I did more than two decades earlier. The “19-year-old me” — who previously held back tears in the Publix checkout wondering what she was going to eat that week — would’ve been proud.

While I know that my perseverance and work ethic contributed to my success… I would be blind to think I’d have ever arrived where I am today without the nurturing, urging, and patience of a mentor like Marcella.

She planted the seed that I should (and could!) turn what began as a entry level in-house copyediting job into a six-figure freelance copywriting business.

It’s why I want to take a moment to recognize Marcella.

She is more than just a champion for female copywriters everywhere. In true Titanides fashion she continues to pay it forward… changing more lives than she probably will ever realize.

So from the bottom of my heart–THANK YOU, Marcella. You have made (and continue to make) a HUGE difference not only in my life, but in the lives of so many other women.

— Shannon Slattery Housely, Marketing Strategist & Financial Copywriter InkedIn Publishing


I’ve worked with Marcella for over a decade. Not only is she incredibly generous with her time and talent, she is by far the most talented copy chief I’ve ever worked with.

Most copy chiefs focus on telling you what’s wrong with your copy and often can’t give you specific feedback on how to fix it. Not Marcella. She actually walks you through the copy, page by page, and tells you exactly what’s working and what’s not. Then she gives you specific suggestions on how to fix the copy that needs to be revised.

Even better, she tells you exactly WHY she’s suggesting each revision, so you can avoid repeating the same mistakes. I’ve watched her magically elevate hundreds of pages of promotional copy created by myself and others over the years, and I continue to learn new things from her each time.

— Lois Mentrup, Copy Harvest team member and Principal, Compelling Ink


For Marcella’s unique take on being a woman in an often male-dominated industry, listen to her hilarious interview with Kevin Rogers on The Truth About Marketing podcast. EP 132: MARCELLA ALLISON – WHY WOMEN NEED TO BAND TOGETHER IN A TESTOSTERONE-FUELED BUSINESS WORLD

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