It is very rare these days to find a writer good enough to beat your control. It is rarer still for that control to keep winning for any good length of time.  Long gone are the days of mailing the same control and getting good results.  Packages fade faster than ever.

So that makes what Marcella Allison has done for our Pectasol Detox Formula even more remarkable.

First she knocked off our long-standing control in 2009.  That’s pretty good.  But what’s staggering is that her package has remained the control the entire time since!

We have mailed over 4.6 million pieces, taken 37,600 orders, and generated nearly $5 million in gross revenue thanks to Marcella’s work.

Of course, it hasn’t been the same version of the package over and over again.  Marcella has come up with eight different winning headlines and leads to keep such a firm grip on the control.

And the best part is that Marcella doesn’t wait for us to tell her we need a new headline. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the market and seems to know just what the prospect is thinking.  She sends us her test ideas and gets them on the schedule.

 strongly recommend Marcella to anyone looking for an exceptional direct response copywriter.

–Garret W. Wood, President, Advanced Bionutritionals

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