Marcella has copy-chiefed several of my promotions for A-list publisher Bottom Line Inc.  All of them went on to become controls.

She has a way of drawing upon every lesson she has learned, and every legendary mentor she has worked with, and bringing that wisdom to her guidance and critiques.

Marcella is force to be reckoned with, a bundle of energy that never stops. She has a way of injecting that energy into every piece of copy she critiques, turning lukewarm copy into something that jumps off the page, filled with fun, excitement, playfulness, and intrigue. There isn’t a single piece of copy that won’t improve by having Marcella review it and riff suggestions and new ideas.

She is also tenacious about results. I remember watching her present a blockbuster promotion she had worked on at a live event last year. Despite the fact that this promotion had blown the doors off in sales, Marcella zeroed in on every comment and every suggestion from the audience on how to make it better. Like any great writer, she is always striving to improve.

Marcella is also the most generous marketer I know. She has a heart of gold, generously giving her time, contacts, and advice to all who ask. She’s a born leader and team builder, who naturally brings people together and inspires them to do more than they believed they ever could.

If you are looking to build an exceptional copy team for your business, you will be fortunate to work with Marcella. And you’ll have a damn good time doing it!

— Barnaby Kalan, 30+ year veteran copywriter and marketing strategist


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