Where You'd Go?

After selling my business baby, the Mentoress Collective, to MentorCloud, I got lots of messages asking, “Hey, what happened to your emails? I loved reading them”.

I was beyond flattered to think that you might have missed me in your inbox.

And I still have so much to say about my journey as an entrepreneur, copywriter, mentor, business woman, and more.

And then Marcella's Musings has started...

So rather than second guess the compliments, I decided to start a new email called Marcella’s Musings to share my well-seasoned (sometimes salty) musings on business and life.

My next chapter...

For me, writing is a tool to examine my business and my life. Marcella’s Musings is a way to share my experiments in the next chapter of my entrepreneurial journey with you.

As always you can expect authenticity, vulnerability, teaching, some ranting, and a bit of sick and twisted humor to lighten things up.

So if you really did miss my musings in your inbox...

Or if you’re looking for someone who’s willing to share the raw unfiltered truth of entrepreneurial life…

…instead of posing for Instagram pictures with a diamond Rolex, million dollar sports car, and a trophy wife…Then, sign up for Marcella’s Musings today.

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I can't promise you a 100X ROI...

Now, I can’t promise you a 100X ROI, but I can promise you a few laughs, some valuable life lessons, and a big dose of loving humanity.


Founder of Mentoress Collective
Adventurer, explorer, experimenter
And scribe of the new Marcella’s Musings

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